Kitu Citadel is a communication server designed to interface grid management systems (e.g. DERMS) with up to millions of devices connected either directly or through an aggregator.


Kitu Citadel allows utilities to maximize DER value to the grid by setting different smart inverter behaviors based on their location in the grid topology and based on varying grid conditions (time of day, seasonal changes).

Citadel supports an IEEE 2030.5 interface to DER devices and aggregators and an interface to management systems. Citadel provides an API called NorthGate for integration with management systems and to enable an optional graphical user interface.

Citadel implements IEEE 2030.5-2018 and supports all the functionalities required in the Common Smart Inverter Profile Implementation Guide (CSIP guide v2.1) for California.

Citadel operates over a nodeJS environment and supports SQL databases.

Kitu Compass

Kitu Compass offers a window to the data collected by the Citadel server. Compass is an administrative graphical user interface which allows users to send controls through nodes to an aggregator and potential devices, i.e. electrical vehicles, solar PV* and battery energy storage systems. Compass offers an efficient and convenient way to access information and respond to statuses via the application interface.


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