Kitu Systems' Upgraded Citadel Software Enables Utility Customers To Selectively Control And Coordinate Distributed Energy Resources

Kitu Systems further strengthens its utility customers ability to monitor and send controls to Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) in advance of utilities deploying full Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS).


NEW ORLEANS, Feb. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DistribuTECH – Kitu Systems unveiled the latest evolution of its Citadel™ software family, a major component of its industry-leading intelligent communication platform for new energy networks.

Citadel is a scalable communication server that helps manage and coordinate distributed energy resources.  Citadel interfaces with CSIP-compliant devices or aggregators and offers an application programming interface (API) called Northgate™ to DERMS for comprehensive network optimization.


Citadel supports the IEEE 2030.5-2018 protocol and the smart inverter functions required by California Rule 21.  A new, intuitive graphical user interface allows grid operators to provision or upload devices and topology, display metrology data, define and dispatch DER controls, and monitor responses.


The latest Citadel functionality can be used by utilities today to focus on locations in their network that require immediate coordination capabilities to ensure continued grid safety and reliability, while paving the way to a full DERMS integration through Northgate.


Rick Kornfeld, CEO of Kitu Systems stated, "a safer and more stable grid benefits both consumers and utilities.  Increasingly distributed energy networks require intelligent coordination between DER devices and grid systems.  Utilities are working hard to understand their longer term DERMs requirements.  This announcement allows future benefits to be immediately brought forward to the present with Kitu's intelligent software platform, providing value to both utilities and their customers."


Citadel is available globally.


Kitu Systems will separately announce its new Kitu Score, a simple tool for Distributed Energy Resource installers and owners to verify compliance with communications requirements, monitor device availability and readiness for grid support services.


About Kitu Systems


Kitu Systems accelerates consumer adoption of solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging by enabling a new generation of interconnection and providing communications and coordination capabilities to energy networks.  Kitu Systems software solutions embed intelligence and control capabilities into renewable energy devices, aggregate their communication in the cloud, and securely interconnect them with utility and customer management systems.  Kitu Systems' open and standards-based software platform provides the buildings blocks of new energy networks that are intelligent, resilient, adaptive, efficient and scalable.