As the population of electric vehicles increases, enterprises, retailers and service providers are installing Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSEs, EV Chargers) in greater numbers to offer charging services to employees, customers, and their own vehicle fleets. Managing the charge services and operating costs of these EVSEs presents a new challenge to their owners. For example, utilities may assess Demand Charges (i.e. very high electricity rates) if too much power is drawn at one time. In addition, EVSE’s often require reservation and scheduling to ensure that charge loads are balanced and that billing is managed properly. Lastly, enterprises offering EVSE services must manage billing for roaming users, whether it is for their users charging off-site, or roaming users accessing their equipment.

Kitu Convoy Electric Vehicle Service Platform (Convoy EVSP) is a comprehensive solution allowing site owners to serve tenants, guests, employees or customers easily and securely.  The platform is highly interoperable and integrates with multiple Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturers, following industry standards.  The platform also interfaces with energy providers allowing site owners and drivers to monitor energy consumption and cost.  Convoy EVSP gives site owners the freedom to define and implement their own access policy: they can opt to allow free or controlled access to their stations and they can opt to charge drivers for the energy they use.  The platform gives both site owners and vehicle drivers access to user-friendly web-based applications for easy management and usage of the service.

Kitu Systems’ software solution is packaged as a service and comes with free 24 x 7 customer care as well as unlimited warranty and updates.  Hardware and installation services are delivered by partners with a three-year warranty.

Kitu Convoy EV

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Kitu Systems has developed an intelligent, scalable, and easy-to-use solution for enterprises with EV fleets or which may offer EV charging as a service. The solution is ideally suited for corporate campuses, hotels, shopping centers, parking lot operators, and retailers. It offers comprehensive charging services including reservation, billing, and cost-management of EV charge loads.

The solution allows owners or charge service operators to set power-consumption limits, establish setpoints for individual chargers, and implement prioritization policies. It offers sophisticated operation management capabilities such as provisioning (accounts, user/EV Drivers) reservations and scheduling,  and monitoring. The solution is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) leading to reduced upfront investment and faster ROI.



PG&E's EV Charge Network program is helping accelerate California's transition to a clean transportation future by offering electric vehicle charger installation at select locations in PG&E's service territory.

Kitu Systems is an approved vendor under the program, giving participants the flexibility to chose:

- from different EVSE suppliers

- different operation modes (open, access control, payment)

- different pricing options to lower your total cost of ownership

The program is now accepting applications.

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The Charge Ready program is a Southern California Edison initiative approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to support the deployment of qualified EVSE at long dwell-time sites owned, leased, or operated by business and government customers (multi-unit dwellings, workplace, fleet, and destination centers) within its territory.

The program aims to accelerate the electric vehicle (EV) charging market and supports California’s air quality and greenhouse gas reduction objectives by deploying the supporting electric infrastructure needed to serve the charging stations, up to and including the “make-ready” stub, and will offer customers a rebate for the charging stations. 

Kitu is an approved vendor to this program with EVSE partner Aerovironment.


If you are interested in participating, click here



Enrollment for Phase 2 of the Submeter Pilot is now closed.

The Submeter Pilot Phase 2 lasts until April 30, 2018. The first 500 eligible participants per utility may receive a lower EV charging rate, once approved by their utility, for up to 12 billing cycles. Participants will need to have an installed or agree to install an approved charging station/submeter to measure the EV charging usage.

Kitu is an approved agent by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and may assist you in participating.

If you are interested in enrolling or would like additional information, click here


Kitu Charge Management Solution Description

There are multiple components to take into account if you consider deploying an EV charging infrastructure on your premises, all of which can seriously impact the end user experience and the total cost of ownership of your installation.  A smart grid-ready charging infrastructure is able to communicate with the utility and can participate in utility-driven programs and rates that encourage EV adoption, daytime charging, as well as monitoring and demand response capabilities.  It is critical for utilities to manage the deployment at scale of charging infrastructure and they are consenting major incentives for facility owners to sign up for their programs, often covering all site construction and electrical costs, and even in some cases equipment and services.  Site owners are encouraged to check with their utility company for existing incentives.

A smart grid-ready charging infrastructure is generally comprised of:

  • EVSE hardware

  • Communication Services

  • Management software and services

Kitu Systems' solution is designed to give site owners the flexibility to chose the right components for their use case, at the lowest total cost of ownership, without compromising on reliability or security.  We have partnered with industry leaders to offer proven charging hardware and professional services including installation.  Our communication and software services also rely on proven technology from prominent cloud and telecommunications providers. 


Kitu is reselling EVSEs from some of the best hardware vendors, all with a large, global installed base of level 2 chargers or DC fast chargers.  Our EVSEs can be wall-mounted or ground-mounted on a pedestal.  They are all designed for maximum robustness and reliability, and are able to withstand the harshest climates.  Kitu offers three-year hardware warranty on all level 2 chargers.

All EVSEs selected by Kitu are network-enabled and support smart charging features. 

However, in many cases Wi-Fi coverage is not available where the EVSEs are located (outdoor parking lots), or it is not cost effective to have each EVSE connect to the network using its internal cellular modem (and data communication plan).  Kitu Systems provides an outdoor cellular gateway which aggregates communication from all EVSEs on a dedicated Wifi network and 3G uplink.  The gateway is mounted into a UV-resistant NEMA 4 enclosure, can operate on 120 or 240V circuits, and can support up to 20 EVSEs located within a 100ft radius.


Kitu Systems' charge management is organized into four service packages:

  • Site Management Service

  • Network Service

  • Access Control Service

  • Payment Systems Service


The first two services are mandatory to operate a charging site, the other two are optional and depend on the user experience you want to provide on your installation.  Is charging open for everyone to use or reserved to certain users only? Is charging free or is payment required?  And if payment is required, what is it based on, hourly rates, energy rates, subscriptions, or other plans?


Kitu Systems gives you the options and controls to define the driver experience best suited for your site and purpose, whether you operate a public facility, a MDU, a retail space or a workspace.  Our software components are delivered as a service, from the cloud (SaaS), ensuring your service is always on, you records safely stored, and giving you free updates, including feature upgrades, for the lifetime of the service. 


This package is mandatory and includes the basic software to operate EV charging stations.  It provides the following benefits:

  • Management portal

  • Driver portal

  • Energy consumption monitoring (real-time, per day, week, or month)

  • Station management and monitoring

  • Gateway monitoring

  • Dashboard and site operation settings

  • Site data collection and reporting

  • 24 x 7 customer support


This package is required for site operation and enables communication between the charging stations and the charge management platform.  It also provides notifications to drivers and end-users who opt in.  This package includes a cellular data plan through a selected wireless providers carrier, and a SMS gateway to deliver various text notifications to drivers (e.g. available stations, charging session status, transaction receipts, etc).


This package is optional.  It allows site owners to restrict access to the charging stations.  Only registered users are able to unlock the stations and initiate a session.  Site owners have the options to enable access control for the entire site or for a number of selected stations.  Registered users have access to statistics, charging history and realtime monitoring of the station they are currently using.


This package is optional and requires the Access Control Service package.  It enables site owners to charge drivers a fee for using the EV charging infrastructure at their location.  In payment mode, only paying drivers are able to initiate charging sessions.  Site owners may offer free charging to registered users on selected stations using access control, and allow guest users to charge on other stations for a fee.  Site owners can set pricing with a wide range of options and payment facilities, including rate selection per station (actual energy cost, hourly rates, flat fee) and plan selection for different categories of users (e.g. monthly subscriptions, prepaid charging plans, etc.).  Payment mode is seemingly the fastest way to reach a positive ROI on EV charging infrastructure, but short term gains need to be carefully assessed against your long term goals  (increasing customer/tenant loyalty and satisfaction, increasing employee engagement, supporting clean energy initiatives).


Deploying an EV charging infrastructure is a complex project and a long-term investment.  You want to ensure that your site will operate smoothly over the years and withstand a number of adverse conditions:

  • harsh weather

  • installation errors

  • misuse by ill-informed drivers

  • vandalism

  • compatibility issues

Kitu Systems has setup a service portfolio to mitigate the issues above and provide peace of mind to Kitu Charge Management site owners.


Our EVSE hardware has been selected for their ability to operate outdoor in a broad range of weather conditions.  We rely on professional installers, including the field services organizations of our EVSE vendors and/or their network of qualified contractors to perform EVSE on-site installation and commissioning.  We offer a clear and easy-to-use graphical user interface and step-by-step guides to help drivers through their charging sessions; we also provide dedicated driver and site owner support over a toll-free number.  One of the most common cause of failures of EVSEs as reported by our vendors is vandalism.  We work hard with our partners to protect the EVSE hardware (choice of materials, gateway enclosure) to minimize targeting of EV charging infrastructure.  Finally, all our models are covered by a 3-year warranty, which covers parts and labors if installation has been performed by an approved party.