Grid-stabilizing solar-plus-storage systems launched by Kitu Systems and Pika Energy in Southern California

California homeowners and businesses can now combine the benefits of local generation and storage with grid connectivity to optimize their energy usage, cost, and availability

SAN DIEGO and WESTBROOK, Maine, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Kitu Systems and Pika Energy will deliver a grid-interactive solar-plus-storage solution implementing the second phase of California Rule 21, featuring the Pika Energy IslandTM and Kitu ConvoyTM service platform for distributed energy resources (DER).

Kitu and Pika:

  • offer Rule 21 Phase 2 compliant solar-plus-storage solutions

  • participate in a SunSpec initiative to foster Rule 21 implementation

  • partner with Sullivan Solar for first customer deployments

  • enable DER communication aggregation for utilities


Confronted with an unprecedented level of solar penetration, the State of California relies on Rule 21 to govern the interconnection agreement between system owners and California regulated utilities. Per Rule 21, smart inverters are now mandatory. Per Rule 21 Phase 2, smart inverters must have the ability to communicate over the internet, and IEEE2030.5 is the default communication protocol.


Pika Energy and Kitu Systems have implemented all the requirements of Rule 21 phase 2 and are now deploying their combined solution under a SunSpec Alliance-led initiative, in partnership with San Diego-based Sullivan Solar.


Sullivan Solar is recruiting initial customers in Southern California and has begun installing the first Rule 21 phase 2 compliant solar-plus-storage systems using Pika Energy and Kitu Systems technology.


According to Dan Sullivan, CEO of Sullivan Solar, "We are pleased to spearhead the deployment of Rule 21 phase 2 compliant systems in California. Thanks to Pika's highly adaptive, installer-friendly solution and Kitu's communication technology we are helping our customers maximize energy savings, including future TOU rates, and contribute to making California's grid one of the most reliable in the nation."


"Every day, across North America, our US-designed and manufactured Pika Energy Island allows customers to gain the most benefit from their solar plus storage systems," said Ben Polito, CEO of Pika Energy. "In California, Pika system owners will pay less for energy while taking pressure off the grid during volatile periods by making their excess renewable energy capacity available to utilities. We look forward to working with Kitu to continue bringing innovative and forward-looking energy solutions to utility customers."


"The development of solar-plus-storage systems, but also electric vehicles, offers formidable opportunities for consumers and businesses," added Rick Kornfeld, CEO of Kitu Systems.  "But it cannot be left unchecked, as a reliable grid remains a critical component to ensure safe and stable operations. Kitu Systems is pleased to demonstrate that with the right communication technology and the right partners, Pika and Sullivan, both customers and utilities stand to benefit from a more stable, more responsive, and more cost-effective energy infrastructure.  This is how we can help California meet and exceed its renewable energy and greenhouse gas reduction objectives."


"Through this initiative, the Sunspec Alliance seeks to address all operational aspects of distributed energy resource communications," underlined Tom Tansy, Chairman of SunSpec Alliance. "This work will impact hundreds of thousands system owners and thousands of installers in California, but also hundreds of manufacturers. By working with Kitu, Pika and Sullivan on advanced deployments, we ultimately hope to save this industry millions of dollars."


About Kitu
Kitu Systems provides software, platforms and applications connecting intelligent energy.  Kitu Systems enables utilities to communicate with, monitor, and control millions of DER systems, directly or through an aggregation service.


About Pika
Pika Energy is a leading domestic manufacturer of residential and small commercial solar-plus-storage solutions.  Its Energy Island system combines its Harbor PlusTMSmart Battery and the Pika Islanding Inverter to protect homes and businesses from power outages and escalating energy costs.


About Sullivan
Sullivan Solar Power is headquartered out of San Diego, CA and owned and operated by Daniel Sullivan. Sullivan Solar Power is a turnkey solar system provider that services all of Southern California and delivers projects from concept to completion.


About the SunSpec Alliance
The SunSpec Alliance is a trade alliance of developers, manufacturers, researchers and service providers, together pursuing information and communications standards for the distributed energy industry.