Kitu Systems Announces Software Suite for California Rule 21

  • Starting February 22nd 2019, smart inverters in California will be required to support communications with utility systems

  • Kitu provides an end-to-end software portfolio implementing Rule 21 communications, including device software, utility server, and cloud aggregator

  • Kitu supports the recently published version of the IEEE 2030.5-2018 standard

SAN DIEGO, July 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Kitu Systems announces the availability of its Convoy DER Communications Aggregator, upgrades of its Spark and Citadel product lines to support IEEE 2030.5-2018, and the release of its NorthGate API to interface with utilities' grid management systems.

California Electric Rule 21 governs the interconnection requirements between generation facilities and utilities' distribution systems.  Rule 21 also introduces a timeline for deployment and/or upgrade of inverters: compliance with smart inverter standards in phase 1, ability to communicate in phase 2, and support of advanced inverter functions in phase 3.

Following availability of SunSpec Alliance Communication Protocol Test Standards, the date for phase 2 compliance was set to February 22, 2019. IEEE 2030.5 is the default communication protocol mandated by California Public Utilities Commission for Rule 21.

Kitu Systems has now integrated the newest version of the protocol into all the building blocks of its Rule 21 communication solution, including:

  • Spark™, a client software for smart inverters or edge devices, allowing manufacturers to rapidly and easily satisfy the communication requirements

  • Citadel™, an enterprise server for utilities handling DER communications and providing an open interface to their grid management system (Kitu NorthGate™), adding a secure, scalable, and timely component to their modern grid infrastructure

  • Convoy™ for DER, a communications aggregation platform, saving utilities from micro-managing thousands of residential DERs, and enabling DER providers (e.g. solar companies) to easily onboard their installations and comply with Rule 21 requirements


Spark, Citadel and Convoy platforms have been deployed and field tested in numerous pilot projects across the U.S. and in several production environments in California.


"Kitu is pleased to offer the first end-to-end portfolio for Rule 21 communications allowing device manufacturers, utility customers, and solar providers to be ready and compliant with CPUC requirements from day one" said Rick Kornfeld, CEO of Kitu Systems. "We are delighted that California is leveraging intelligent energy communications to deliver cleaner energy with improved efficiency, security, and reliability."

About Kitu 

Kitu Systems provides software, platforms and applications connecting intelligent energy. Kitu Systems enables the coordination at scale of behind-the-meter load and generation resources, offering solutions and services to utilities, device manufacturers, installers and end-users in both DER management and EV charging infrastructure.