Kitu Systems Announces Certification for OpenADR2.0b

San Diego, CA September 12, 2016Kitu Systems, a leader in IoT solutions for Electric Vehicle Charge Management and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Management, announced today that its Kitu Energy Cloud platform has successfully passed the testing and certification process for Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) 2.0b compliance. The Kitu Energy Cloud integrates with Utilities and other Service Providers using OpenADR2.0b to provide a rich set of energy management services.

OpenADR is an open and interoperable information exchange model and Smart Grid standard that standardizes dynamic pricing and electricity grid reliability signals between Utilities, Service Providers and commercial end-users. It also simplifies customer DR participation and improves DR event results.

“The Kitu Energy Cloud platform is immediately available for our EV Charge Management platform, including the SCE Charge-Ready solution” says Mike Bourton Vice President of Business Development “and provides Utilities with a proven and reliable Demand Response capability.”

The Kitu EV Cloud Management System is an intelligent, scalable, and easy-to-use solution for enterprises with EV fleets or which may offer EV charging as a service. The solution is ideally suited for corporate campuses, hotels, shopping centers, parking lot operators, and retailers. It offers comprehensive charging services including reservation, billing, and cost-management of EV charge loads.

The solution allows owners or charge service operators to set power-consumption limits, establish set-points for individual chargers and implement prioritization policies. It offers sophisticated operation management capabilities such as provisioning (accounts, user/EV Drivers) reservations, scheduling  and monitoring. The solution is offered as SaaS (Software as a Service) leading to reduced upfront investment and faster ROI.

About Kitu OpenADR2.0b Software

The Kitu OpenADR VEN software suite provides hardware, physical layer and Operating System agnostic module that may be embedded or cloud based. Support for both OpenADR2.0a and 2.0b profiles with both push and pull support using HTTP and XMPP transport mechanisms.


About Kitu Systems

Kitu Systems provides robust and scalable software for the Internet of Things. Kitu’s software enables secure and reliable communications from the Thing to the Cloud over a variety of wired and wireless networks. Kitu’s use-case specific solutions serve markets such as home energy management, photovoltaic solar systems, smart appliances, electric vehicle charge management and specific industrial applications. Kitu’s complete applications and software subsystems offer ease of integration, hardware architecture flexibility, and interoperability across multiple physical layers. Our customers include enterprises, smart device manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and automotive companies.