Kitu Systems Software Supports Communications for CA Rule 21

San Diego, CA September 26, 2016Kitu Systems, a leader in IoT solutions for Electric Vehicle Charge and Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Management, announces the availability of a comprehensive suite of solutions for Utilities, DER Aggregators, Solar Providers and Inverter Manufacturers. This supports the roll out of California Rule 21, set for September 2017 now that  UL 1741 SA has been published.


California, along with many other states, has made great strides in recent years to define a solution that mitigates the problems associated with increased penetration of rooftop solar.  This has culminated in the Rule 21 decision by the California Public Utility Commission requiring smart inverters to be managed by Utilities or DER Operator/Aggregator to maintain grid reliability.


“The Kitu Energy Platform is immediately available for both Utilities and Aggregators” says Mike Bourton Vice President of Business Development “and provides the necessary tools to implement the required IEEE 2030.5TM Common California Investor Owned Utility (IOU) Rule 21 Implementation Guide for Smart Inverters that is being released by the CA utilities.”


Kitu also provides the software building blocks for the most complete end to end solution for Gateways and Smart Inverter vendors, which can dramatically reduce the time of development with proven Interoperability and conformance.


Kitu will be showing its complete range of DER products for Rule 21 at Distributed Energy Resources Management with IEEE 2030.5™ Symposium & Exhibition on November 1st 2016 in Irwindale California.


About Kitu IEEE2030.5 Software

The Kitu IEEE2030.5 Software suite provides a complete end-to-end Interoperable communications capability for Utility back office, Cloud, Gateway, and Embedded devices. Kitu’s IEEE2030.5 product suite is the most deployed, feature complete and tested IEEE2030.5 products available.  Kitu products have passed Underwriter Laboratories (UL) IEEE2030.5 conformance testing allowing for quick time to market with mature and secure products.


About Kitu Systems

Kitu Systems provides robust and scalable software for the Internet of Things. Kitu’s software enables secure and reliable communications from the Thing to the Cloud over a variety of wired and wireless networks. Kitu’s use-case specific solutions serve markets such as home energy management, photovoltaic solar systems, smart appliances, electric vehicle charge management and specific industrial applications. Kitu’s complete applications and software subsystems offer ease of integration, hardware architecture flexibility, and interoperability across multiple physical layers. Our customers include enterprises, smart device manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and automotive companies. For more information see Kitu Systems