Spark is an intelligent software client that can provide advanced communication capabilities to a wide variety of energy devices.

Kitu Spark implements the IEEE 2030.5-2018 communication protocol, also known as Smart Energy Profile 2.0 (SEP2).  It allows secure monitoring and intelligent control of energy.

Spark is the most robust SEP2 application in the industry today with commercial deployments on inverters, electric vehicles, and charging stations.

As more and more utilities and regulators require support of IEEE 2030.5, Spark offers an easy way for your product to comply.

Spark allows devices to connect to one or more SEP2 servers to enable a broad range of use cases.  Each connection is end-to-end to ensure maximum security: for example, when a vehicle interacts with a server, even though it is physically connected to a charging station, the latter acts as a bridge and packets are simply forwarded to their destination.

Spark operates on a small footprint, with highly flexible deployment options and a robust API.  Kitu provides services to simplify application development and integration.