Awesense and Kitu Systems Partner to Accelerate DERMS Deployments


Awesense Wireless Inc. and Kitu Systems Inc. are announcing a partnership to help electric utilities successfully deploy Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS).

Kitu’s unique expertise in secure and scalable communications with Distributed Energy Resources (DER), combined with Awesense’s data ingestion, visualization and analytical capabilities constitute a unique and comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions that address all the requirements of a DERMS.  Through their shared approach of standard-based, modular, and scalable architectures, the companies offer a flexible roadmap for utilities to implement the essential steps of a successful DERMS deployment at their own pace, based on their use case priorities, with reduced risk and cost.

The number of DER in the electrical grid system has been growing rapidly. The intermittent generation, or load (in the case of battery storage systems and electric vehicles), from these distributed resources can have detrimental, if not outright disastrous effects on the grid. DER management technologies are designed to overcome these problems and unlock the full value of DER, resulting in a huge opportunity for utilities to balance the network, maintain reliability, and engage customers in a transformative way.

In order to manage and control DER and electric vehicles in the grid, many utilities have started to implement DERMS, destined to inter-operate with their complex infrastructure. However, many deployments have been ineffective for multiple reasons:

  1. Data models are inaccurate

  2. Communication protocol with DER manufacturers is not standardized

  3. Lack of location-based real-time visibility

  4. Cyber security issues

  5. Lack of essential forecasting capabilities incorporating DER output

  6. Lack of understanding around real business requirements


Awesense and Kitu have been helping utilities for many years to solve the key issues highlighted above. The companies have now consolidated their partnership to provide a comprehensive step-by-step pathway to unlocking the full value of DER and DERMS.

“We’re really excited about this partnership with Kitu, together we will greatly help accelerate the transition to renewables and DERMS deployments for utilities,” said Mischa Steiner, CEO of Awesense.


“This partnership brings together best-of-breed capabilities to help utilities address increased penetration of renewables in a progressive, secure, cost-effective, and reliable way,” added Rick Kornfeld, CEO and President at Kitu Systems


A white-paper describing a step-by-step implementation guide to a successful DERMS deployment will be available on Awesense and Kitu’s respective websites. Please contact or for more information.

About Awesense

Awesense helps electric utilities prepare for the future of energy. Offering a combination of our powerful grid visibility and analytics platform and intelligent sensors, we deliver accurate, real-time data and situational awareness to utilities needing to understand the changes approaching in their grid. As we progress into a renewable-driven future, unravelling the impact distributed energy will have on the grid is a priority. Operating in 4 continents with a strong partner base, utilities across the globe are using Awesense to seamlessly integrate modern technologies and minimize the impact they will have on the grid.

About Kitu

Kitu Systems accelerates consumer adoption of solar, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging by enabling a new generation of interconnection and providing communications and coordination capabilities for Utilities. Kitu Systems software and SaaS solutions embed intelligence and control capabilities into renewable energy devices, aggregate their communication in the cloud, and securely interconnect them with utility and customer management systems. Kitu Systems’ open and standards-based software platform provides the building blocks of new energy networks that are intelligent, resilient, adaptive, efficient and scalable.