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What We Do

Kitu Systems’ mission is to deliver a new generation of interconnection of solar PV, battery storage, electric vehicles, and other Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). By enabling communications and coordination of these assets, our Grid Action Platform    provides the foundation for new energy networks that are intelligent, resilient, adaptive, efficient, scalable, and secure.


Kitu Systems' Grid Action Platform

Kitu Systems' Grid Action Platform

Kitu Systems’ Grid Action Platform™ enables the converged operation

of DER assets of multiple different types on a single platform.

Secure, Multi-Purpose, End-to-End

Kitu Systems’ Grid Action Platform™ (GAP) is a secure, multi-purpose, end-to-end software platform that securely embeds intelligence and control capabilities into DERs, aggregates their communication behind the customer’s firewall or in the cloud, and interconnects them with utility, building, and customer management systems.

Our Grid Action Platform™ provides seamless connectivity and delivers value added services to end-users, utilities and aggregators, DER providers and device manufacturers, and third-party energy service providers.






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Citadel™ is a simplified DER Service.


The Citadel™ enterprise server is a powerful and flexible, open-standards-based DER Service that enables utilities to monitor, manage and control DERs while providing an open interface to grid management systems. Citadel™ can be deployed behind a customer’s firewall or in the cloud.

Cloud-based Convoy™ is an open-standards DER (generator or load) communication, control and coordination platform for energy services providers. It connects and controls any DER using IEEE 2030.5 or any non-2030.5 device via its API.

Spark™ makes devices smart.


Spark™ is an intelligent software client that can provide advanced communication capabilities

to a wide variety of energy devices. It can be embedded directly in smart end/edge devices or reside in the optional Envoy™ Gateway. It integrates seamlessly with Citadel™ and Convoy™ or can be used with 3rd party systems via IEEE 2030.5 or other protocols.

Convoy™ aggregates communications & control


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Grid Management for Utilities and Aggregators

The ability for utilities to control distributed energy resources (DERs) located behind-the-meter, while coordinating device actions, is crucial to being able to provide grid-support services when needed.


Kitu’s Grid Action Platform™ (GAP) resides behind a customer’s firewall (Citadel™) or in the platform’s cloud service (Convoy™). It is open-standards-based, and integrates, aggregates, and controls any DER, such as solar PV, battery energy storage, EVs, and more, which implements the IEEE 2030.5 standard. The GAP platform provides the ability to model the grid, collect and aggregate telemetry, and securely issue controls to manage load and ensure grid stability.

Kitu Systems EV Charge Station

EV Charge Station Hosts 

With Kitu Systems’ IEEE 2030.5-supported Spark™ application, either embedded directly in devices or resident on the Envoy™ Gateway, Kitu Systems’ Grid Action Platform™, provides smart and comprehensive electric vehicle charging station (EVSE) management solutions for multi-unit dwellings (MUD), fleets, workplaces and other applications.

Kitu Systems can also help you participate in the Southern California Edison (SCE) Charge Ready 2 program incentives. Multiple programs are available and provide no- or low-cost infrastructure as well as rebates to help offset the cost to purchase and installation of qualified EV charging stations.

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Device Manufacturers

Directly embedding Spark™, one of the main components of Kitu Systems’ Grid Action Platform™, into DERs brings intelligence and IEEE 2030.5 compliance to a broad array of devices, including smart inverters, meters, electric vehicles, charging stations, and more.

Our Clients

City of Hermosa Beach
3M Oral care
Ridgway Colorado
Cathay Bank



Join a rapidly growing team of skilled developers and experts in smart energy and electric transportation.

The world of energy is changing and this is your chance to make a difference.

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