Simplified and Scalable DER Service

Citadel™ is one of the main components of Kitu Systems’ Grid Action Platform™ (GAP) and is a powerful and flexible, open-standards-based DER Service for utilities that need to meet the ever-evolving complexities of the modern energy grid. It is designed to securely communicate with up to millions of interconnected DERs either directly or through an aggregator.


Citadel™ can be deployed behind a customer’s firewall or in the cloud, and provides users with the ability to model the grid, collect and aggregate telemetry, and securely issue controls to ensure grid stability.

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  • Fully supports the IEEE 2030.5 standard favored by most utilities and can connect and manage any DER which implements the standard.


  • Operates stand-alone using Kitu Systems’ UI, or it can integrate via API with third-party DERMS or any utility/grid management system.


  • Provides device management via Kitu Systems’ Spark™ or Envoy™ Gateway service.


  • Deploy on-premises at utilities or in the cloud.


  • Set different smart inverter behaviors based on their location in the grid topology and based on varying grid conditions (e.g., time of day and seasonal changes).

  • Inputs and navigates your grid topology down to service access points and smart inverters.


  • Manually define and dispatch controls right away, which can rapidly improve your grid.


  • Collect and visualize metrology data for connected devices.


  • Define, schedule, dispatch, and verify DER controls, adjusting inverter behavior at individual level or group level based on your topology.


  • Operates over a nodeJS environment and supports SQL databases.

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As a critical component of a utility back-office infrastructure, Citadel™ is designed from the ground up to provide secure operation and secure connectivity.


Citadel™ is the first server to complete CSIP certification with a compliant test suite and it provides industry-leading security with built-in SOC-2, Type 2 certification. We are also CSIP-AUS compliant.

Kitu Systems seamless deployment

Seamless Deployment

While other companies are primarily focused on managing DERs over proprietary interfaces which allow them to sell more of their own hardware products, Citadel™ is open-standards-based and can integrate, aggregate and control any DER (e.g., solar PV, energy storage, and EV chargers) which implements the IEEE 2030.5 / SEP 2.0 standard. Citadel™ also has an optional API to integrate into utility systems or 3rd party DERMS.

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Managed Services

Kitu Systems provides services to simplify application development and integration. We can help you integrate Citadel™ into your ecosystem and provide you with well documented Software Development Kits (SDKs), including API documentation, sample application or interface code and testing capabilities. 

Complete and Scalable Solution

In addition to secure and intelligent communications, the GAP platform delivers cloud-based services to device operators, end-users, and other energy service providers accessible through a web portal or an API.  It also provides aggregation capabilities for utilities, as well as a graphical user interface to easily monitor and dispatch controls to DERs.


GAP also offers a complete set of APIs for Spark™, Convoy™ and Citadel™, to device manufacturers, service providers and utilities to enable design of and integration with other applications and services.