Spark™ Makes Devices Smart

Spark™ is an intelligent software client that can provide secure and advanced communication and control capabilities to a wide variety of energy devices. It can be embedded directly in smart end/edge devices or reside in the optional Envoy™ Gateway. It integrates seamlessly with Citadel™ and Convoy™ or can be used with 3rd party systems via IEEE 2030.5, OCPP, or Kitu Systems’ API.

Kitu Systems Grid Action Platform-Spark Magnified.png

Spark™ Features

  • Allows secure monitoring and intelligent control of DERs.

  • Implements the IEEE 2030.5-2018 communication protocol and is certified for SunSpec CSIP.

  • Allows devices to connect to one or more IEEE 2030.5 servers to enable a broad range of use cases.

  • Intelligently enables advanced energy functions, context-based behavior adaptation, and coordination with local or remote energy management systems (EMS).

  • Operates on a small footprint, with highly flexible deployment options and a robust API.

  • Is hardware agnostic, can easily be ported on any linux-based system and integrated on low-powered devices.



Spark™ implements state-of-the-art security mechanisms, including TLS 2.1, certificates, encryption, and access control lists.


Each connection is end-to-end to ensure maximum security. For example, when a vehicle interacts with a server, even though it is physically connected to a charging station, the latter acts as a bridge and packets are simply forwarded to their destination.

Managed Services

Kitu Systems provides services to simplify application development and integration. We can help you integrate Spark™ into your ecosystem and provide you with well documented Software Development Kits (SDKs), including API documentation, sample application or interface code and testing capabilities. 


IEEE 2030.5 and CSIP Compliance

California Electric Rule 21 governs the interconnection requirements between generation facilities and utilities' distribution systems. Rule 21 mandates the use of IEEE 2030.5 as the default communication protocol for smart inverters. Effective June 2020, all smart inverters deployed in the three California IOU territories must be certified to be compliant with the SunSpec Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP).

Kitu Systems was the first to achieve the SunSpec Alliance CSIP certification for each of the main components of the Grid Action Platform™: Citadel™, Convoy™, and Spark™, and was a key contributor to the IEEE 2030.5 standard and led the development of CSIP and IEEE 2030.5- compliant products since inception. Kitu Systems helped improve every aspect of the SunSpec Alliance IEEE 2030.5 interoperability program, including assisting in the development of the test procedure, debugging compliance test software, participating in field trials, and producing university-level courses on IEEE 2030.5 cybersecurity.