Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems (DERMS)


7 Learnings From Early DERMS Deployments

A guide to accelerate the deployment of your DER management system

October 2019 - Mike Bourton and Andrew Yagüe

According to Navigant research, investment in the global Distributed Energy Resource
Management System (DERMS) market in 2016 reached US $194.3m and is expected to grow to
nearly US $2.1b by 2025. However very few utilities have engaged in full-scale deployments up to
now. This is in part due to the sheer complexity of monitoring and controlling millions of end-devices
in a distribution grid. But there are also a number of critical uncertainties and questions
that need to be answered first. How will the management of Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
be accomplished and are DERMS technologies ready? What are the key use cases and what return
on investment should be expected? How to overcome regulatory barriers delaying or restricting
the desired coordination of customer assets? Most utilities so far have limited their DERMS
implementation to a subset of a complete solution based on priority needs and smaller-scale


Find out what Kitu believes are the guidelines for a successful DERMS deployment, what pre-requisites and system components we believe utilities should care about, and our approach to reach full scale and full maturity. Please click here.