Kitu Systems’ Grid Action Platform™ Solutions

The Grid Action Platform™ (GAP) consists of three main and interconnected components: Citadel™, Convoy™, and Spark™.

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Citadel™ is a simplified DER Service. The Citadel™ enterprise server is a powerful and flexible, open-standards-based DER Service that enables utilities to manage and control DER communications while providing an open interface to grid management systems. Citadel™ can be deployed behind a customer’s firewall or in the cloud.

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Convoy™ aggregates communications and control. Cloud-based Convoy™ is an open-standards DER (generator or load) communication, control and coordination platform for energy services providers. It connects and controls any DER using IEEE 2030.5 or non-2030.5 devices via its API.


Spark™ makes devices smart. Spark™ is an intelligent software client that can provide advanced communication capabilities to a wide variety of energy devices. It can reside in the optional Envoy™ Gateway or be embedded in devices. It integrates seamlessly with Citadel™ and Convoy™ or can be used with 3rd party systems via IEEE 2030.5 or other protocols.

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Complete and Scalable Solution

In addition to secure and intelligent communications, the GAP platform delivers cloud-based services to device operators, end-users, and other energy service providers accessible through a web portal or an API.  It also provides aggregation capabilities for utilities, as well as a graphical user interface to easily monitor and dispatch controls to DERs.

GAP also offers a complete set of APIs for Spark™, Convoy™ and Citadel™, to device manufacturers, service providers and utilities to enable design of and integration with other applications and services.