Utilities and Aggregators

Utilities and Aggregators

Kitu Systems’ GAP connects intelligent energy by providing an end-to-end and secure open-standards-compliant solution for utilities and aggregators to operate millions of assets on a single platform.


In order to provide grid-support services when needed, utilities and aggregators turn to Kitu Systems to give them the tools to control and coordinate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) located behind-the-meter.

EV Charge Station Hosts

EV Charge Station Hosts

As the population of electric vehicles increases, enterprises, service providers, and operators of fleets and multi-unit dwellings are installing electric vehicle charge stations in greater numbers to offer EV charging services to employees, customers, residents, and their own vehicle fleets.


Kitu Systems accompanies you all the way from initial project design to site installation, acceptance, and beyond, all while providing the tightest grid integration, lowest-cost management, and full-featured hardware.

Multi-Unit Dwellings

EDGE and END Device Manufacturers

Energy Generators

EV Charging Stations


Battery Energy Storage Systems

Smart Home Products

Building Management Systems


Electric Vehicles

Solar Arrays

Smart Appliances

Device Manufacturers

DER and other device manufacturers have a critical need to support IEEE 2030.5 in order to meet regulatory requirements and access the utility and aggregator market.

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