Professional & Full-Service


EV charge station installation and procurement of an EV charging infrastructure is a complex project and a long-term investment. You want to ensure that your site will operate smoothly over the years and withstand a number of adverse conditions such as harsh weather, installation errors, misuse by uninformed drivers, vandalism, and compatibility issues. 

We Take Care of Everything


End-to-End Support

Kitu Systems accompanies you all the way from initial project design to site installation, acceptance, and beyond. Convoy software as a service approach ensures your platform will benefit from regular updates including improvements to both

site manager and driver experiences.

Quality & Usability

Our EVSE hardware has been selected for their ability to operate outdoor in a broad range of weather conditions. We rely on a vast network of qualified contractors to perform EVSE on-site installation and commissioning. We offer a clear and easy-to-use graphical user interface and step-by-step guides to help drivers through their charging sessions; we also provide dedicated driver and site owner support over a toll-free number.