Infrastructure Management Tools


EV charge station site management provides features and interfaces to manage the infrastructure and/or the chargers. The driver interface (mobile web) and the site management portal are included, as well as a host of features to monitor site utilization (real time or over given periods), analyze (statistics and reporting) and configure the charging site (at station level or site level). 

We Take Care of Everything


End-to-End Support

Kitu Systems accompanies you all the way from initial project design to site installation, acceptance, and beyond. Convoy software as a service approach ensures your platform will benefit from regular updates including improvements to both

site manager and driver experiences.

Quality & Usability

Our EVSE hardware has been selected for their ability to operate outdoor in a broad range of weather conditions. We rely on a vast network of qualified contractors to perform EVSE on-site installation and commissioning. We offer a clear and easy-to-use graphical user interface and step-by-step guides to help drivers through their charging sessions; we also provide dedicated driver and site owner support over a toll-free number.